THE SHIELD Curved Tempered Glass Screen Shield for S9/S8 Plus Note 8 *FREE SHIPPING*

Note 8

Are you looking to protect you beautiful display on your curved Galaxy Phone? Of course you are looking to preserve the beautiful display on your new phone. 

✔️Full Seal

The Curved Tempered Glass Screen Shield is the best option for protecting your display.  With a seal on throughout the full display you can be assured that your Shield is not going anywhere. 

✔️Perfect Fit 

The Curved Tempered Glass Screen Shield is specifically designed for your phone. With these curved displays it is difficult to find a Screen protector that curves the edges as good as The Shield. 

✔️Protect your Investment

You spent lots for a display of this grade. Insure that you don't damage the vulnerable display. It's much easier to get a new Shield than it is to try to replace your display or even your cell phone.