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Windshield cover


Windshield Cover protects your car windshield and wiper blades from freezing winter weather including snow, frost and ice.ensuring a snow and ice free windshield every morning. Simply spread the car Windshield Snow Cover over your windshield and secure a tight fit using the powerful built in magnets along with a specially designed lip that pulls the cover over the glass using your vehicle's front doors.


  • All-SEASONS WINDSHIELD COVER: In winter, you don’t have to scrap ice & snow from windshield anymore during chilly mornings. And anti UV protection for a reflective summer time heat shield.
  • NO MORE WINDSHIELD SCRAPPING: Get the shield against ice and snow and never scrape again in winter. Say goodbye to weather delay on your daily drive. Elongated new design protects your wiper blades and extends lifespan. Best Gift For Thanksgiving Day & Christmas!
  • WINDPROOF-MAGNETIC WINDSHIELD: 3 strong Magnets in the edges to secure the cover. And using elastic straps and extra long side panels that wrap inside your closed car doors to keep it in place. Three steps to prevent wind and theft..
  • ADVANCED MATERIAL: Selection of high-level Spunlace cotton,Aluminium foil and Taffeta fabric. High density material, waterproof, windproof, frost-proof, ice free. No more scraping Simply.


NEW!!- We've innovated our design and now made a more durable more security Windshield Cover! Not only that, We've also slightly widened the Windshield Cover for a Covering Wipers.


To ensure proper fitment, please take an accurate measurement of your windshield 

192cm x 70cm

76' x 28'

One size fits all